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"Economies Don't Grow in the Dark"

We provide our clients with highly optimised hybrid energy systems, which offer reliable operations and financially stable models.


Our team’s Industrial background have been instrumental in introducing and optimising hybrid renewable solutions for the telecom and micro grid markets in APAC.

Since 2014, we have been pioneering the telecom & hybrid micro grids, using lithium batteries in a complex SEA environment.

We are now bringing our expertise, experience and passion for your benefit.


Our power mix specialty is optimising: Lithium Energy Storage + Solar + Generator.


Our Services

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Hybrid Energy Design & Integration

  • For kW to MW: Micro-grids, Telecom, Military, Resorts, Islands, Remote, and Utilities.

  • Our in-house team of Engineers design, integrate and optimise turnkey energy systems including all Standard Operating Procedures 

  • Our strengths:

    • Systems:

      • Off-Grid and Un-reliable Grid in "difficult" conditions (environmental & infrastructure)

    • Savings

      • Power system optimisation on Capex and Opex

      • Fuel cost & dependency reduction (50-70+%)

    • Finance

      • Total Cost of Ownership modelling

      • Identifying Financiers as required​

    • Operational Excellence

      • Every country, every project and every site is different with it's own challenges and procedures. We will help you build you procedures.​


  • For kW to MW: Solar and Wind

  • We provide Consultant services by identifying your Financial partner for your projects. Our network includes the best Singapore has to offer, both in terms of financial capability but also experience and operational excellence.

  • We provide Technical services to review and approve your projects technical designs. The project can be in the design stages or in operation and needing to improve it's efficiency and output.​

Solar Panels
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Portfolio of Vendors

  • We have partnered with reputable and reliable vendors, and promote their products for mass deployment projects, especially for the Telecom and Micro-Grids markets.

  • Starlit Energy has the ability to negotiate Prices & Warranties, which will transform your projects financial model into a stable and performing asset.

  • We only represent complex products which requires experience and ability to select the "right fit". We reliably check the equipment's so as to ensure Reliability and Performance. If we would not use the products for our own designs, then we will not sell them.

  • We currently represent:

    • Lithium battery Vendor: kW to MW, low Voltage to high Voltage​


Send us an email with the services you require and we will take it from there.

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